ProSafeT modules work across all platforms and devices, enabling you to work in the way that is best for you.


Our entire platform works off the cloud, allowing it to be synchronized and always available across all devices.

Process Efficiency

Our modules sync in real-time, meaning safety reports won't be duplicated or missed and they can be worked on simultaneously.

Welcome Frontier To The ProSafeT Platform

ProSafeT officially welcomes Frontier Airlines to its portfolio of current Airline Clients. ProSafeT is proud to foster a community that attracts Airlines who equally match our passion for aviation safety. For more information please look to our Press Releases page.

Product Spotlight

Safety Reporting

ProSafeT’s Safety Reporting Module provides a platform for airline employees, including Flight Crew, Maintenance, and Ground Crew, to voluntarily file a report as easily as possible. Report types includes but are not limited to Incident, Fatigue, LOSA and ASAP.

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ProSafeT’s SMS Implementation Manager Module provides the user state of the art change management control that easily identifies changes in key documents from version to version. SMS IM uses these capabilities to aid in the creation and monitoring of compliance packages to ensure a more seamless FAA inspection process.

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Safety Assurance

ProSafeT’s Safety Assurance Module provides a platform for working with four types of reports: Audits, Evaluations, Investigations, and Inspections. These report types can be associated with respective Findings, Corrective Actions and Recommendations as a way to streamline processes and improve organizational functionality.

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Safety Risk Management

ProSafeT’s Safety Risk Management Module provides a platform that allows the user to create, manage and act on Safety Risk Assessments, enabling carriers to identify and assess air operations risks while maintaining the highest degree of safety.

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