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Feature Information

The Confidential Information Share Program (CISP) is a voluntary safety program created for ATSAP and participating airline reporting programs to share safety data while protecting the confidentiality of the submitter. The purpose of the program is to demonstrate the benefit of conducting proactive safety assessments through the sharing and analysis of information collected through the Air Traffic Safety Action Program (ATSAP) and airlines' Aviation Safety Action Programs (collectively ASAP). Through this program, issues from both the air traffic and flight crew perspectives are collected, assessed, and reviewed. Many reports exchanged involve the same incident and offer a unique two-sided view of an aviation event. Merging perspectives is critical to understanding the causal factors of both known and previously unknown events. By providing a more complete representation of the National Airspace System (NAS) operations, the FAA and participating airlines can more accurately identify potential hazards and develop more robust mitigation strategies.

Through integration, ProSafeT provides the ability to automatically disseminate de-identified data to CISP. ProSafeT seamlessly integrates with CISP for automatic submission of relevant safety reports, providing a streamlined reporting process that eliminates duplication of efforts. ProSafeT's Safety Reporting Module includes functionality to submit a safety report in ProSafeT and a de-identified report to CISP simultaneously. Additionally, ProsafeT also has the ability of integrating with other relevant industry entities for participation in various safety initiatives.

Key Benefits

  • Streamline participation in CISP by automating dissemination of safety data
  • Share a de-identified copy of a safety report to CISP
  • Eliminate duplication of efforts with the ability to submit a safety report within ProSafeT and to CISP simultaneously
  • CISP integration feature standard with the ProSafeT platform

Additional Subject Information

    For more information about the Confidential Information Share Program, see the links below.

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