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ProSafeT modules work across all platforms and devices, enabling you to work in the way that is best for you.


Our entire platform works off the cloud, allowing it to be synchronized and always available across all devices.

Process Efficiency

Our modules sync in real-time, meaning safety reports won't be duplicated or missed and they can be worked on simultaneously.

Module Details

ProSafeT’s Safety Assurance (SA) Module provides a platform for working with four types of reports: Audits, Evaluations, Investigations, and Inspections. These report types can be associated with respective Findings, Corrective Actions and Recommendations as a way to streamline processes and improve organizational functionality. Some examples of this are the ability to define user privileges for auditors, Internal Evaluation Program (IEP) Managers and FAA Part 119/Air Operating Certificate required Managers to meet carrier-specific SA processes and the integration capabilities with the other modules in the ProSafeT system. In addition, the Module seamlessly integrates with the Safety Trend Evaluation, Analysis and Data Exchange System (STEADES) to provide additional context to Investigations, Evaluations and more. In addition, the Module streamlines the auditing process with built-in audit checklists such as the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) checklist and the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) checklist.

Safety Assurance Overview

  • Ability to log and manage Audits, Evaluations, Investigations, and Inspections and view or input relevant information associated with each
  • Ability to use a corrective action service that will allow the user to create a finding for corrective action
  • Dynamic dashboard with drill-down capability that delivers urgent information, key scheduling items, and relevant statistics in an easily interpretable manner
  • Built in IOSA and ISAGO Audit Checklists that update automatically
  • Integrated with STEADES data to attach de-identified data to Investigations, Evaluations and more
  • Can provide integration with SAFA to produce reports to be disseminated accordingly

Key Benefits

  • Improve airline safety by proactively detecting and addressing safety issues
  • Save time via an intuitive interface that links and tracks all relevant items and activities for easy recall and analysis
  • Integrated with Safety Reporting module to facilitate Investigations launched from safety submissions
  • Associate Corrective Actions, Findings and Recommendations easily and perform risk assessment at every stage

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