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Process Efficiency

Our modules sync in real-time, meaning safety reports won't be duplicated or missed and they can be worked on simultaneously.

Module Details

ProSafeT’s Safety Risk Management (SRM) Module provides airlines a platform to manage safety hazards, enabling carriers to identify, assess, and mitigate operational risks and maintain the highest level of safety. Airlines can use the SRM Module to document all hazards, associated risks, safety risk assessments (SRA), and risk controls. The SRM Module includes dashboard analytics for airlines to track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This comprehensive risk management solution will increase visibility on operational risks as well as the effectiveness of a risk control in mitigation. The SRM module natively integrates with the Safety Reporting and Safety Assurance Module to provide a holistic safety management system.

SRA(SRM) Overview

  • Document safety hazards, associated risks, and risk controls
  • Conduct Safety Risk Assesements (SRAs) and perform baseline and subsequent risk analysis
  • Develop safety plan to effectively address and mitigate risks

Key Benefits

  • Dynamic dashboard with key deadlines and KPIs
  • Centralized risk management processes for increased visibility and effective mitigation
  • Comprehensive risk management solution integrated with holistic safety management system

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Additional Subject Information

One of the four key components of a Safety Management System (SMS) in aviation is Safety Risk Management (SRM). It involves identifying safety hazards and implementing controls to mitigate associated risks. A formal SRM process within the SMS includes describing the system, identifying the hazards, assessing the risk, analyzing the risk, and controlling the risk. The FAA explains that Safety Risk Management determines the need for new or revised risk controls based on the assessment of acceptable risk.

A robust enterprise risk management software can automate the SRM process for airlines, from risk identification to mitigation. It will equip organizations with all the necessary tools to perform safety risk assessements and monitor risk controls in a central location. A risk management system can also increase visibility of operational risks and help airlines drill down to the root cause of the hazard. A robust system can be integrated with an overarching safety management system to provide a holistic view of safety data.

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